Parents wanted change. Kraft listened?

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

More than 350,000 voices of concerned parents were raised recently in the direction of Kraft Foods Group, and they listened. Amid controversy surrounding the use of artificial food dyes in their macaroni and cheese products, Kraft unofficially responded to a petition started on demanding them to discontinue the use of these potentially harmful dyes in their food products. Kraft denies that the petition was taken into consideration when making the change.

Particularly interesting (according to the petition), is that the use of Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 has been banned in other countries — requiring Kraft to reformulate their recipe for international sales. Up to this point, Kraft continued to sell the controversial products in the U.S., despite having the ability to remove the dyes and make the American version under the same safety standards our global counterparts require.

Time will tell whether this was a marketing move by Kraft, or a genuine desire to take the first step toward a safer direction in manufacturing food products for sale here in the U.S.. Nevertheless, it’s a step — and a small reason for hope that other major brands will follow suit.

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