Fast food: Think twice before driving through

It’s not surprising that a diet high in saturated fats and processed foods can have a negative impact on your health, but recent findings describing the impact as similar to hepatitis, well, that’s a different story. Results of a study revealed on the CBS television program The Doctors indicates this is the case. Dr. Andrew Ordon suggests that eating a diet high in saturated fat, particularly from fast food, for even just a month, can cause significant changes to the liver: “The amount of fat and saturated fats creates a condition called fatty liver.”  Dr. Ordon takes this a step further by describing the resulting changes to liver enzymes as being similar to those seen caused by hepatitis.

To compound the problem, Ordon also warns consumers of the dangers of food additives at fast food restaurant restaurants, even foods marked as healthy or fresh. He states that regulations on food labeling currently do not exist and that these items can often harbor added chemicals. One particularly disturbing example of this is the addition of propylene glycol (antifreeze) on salads to prevent wilting, keeping it crispier and greener.

Sure, we’re all guilty of eating fast food from time to time, but when it becomes the main part, or only part, of your diet it can be extremely dangerous, with very serious long-term consequences. Instead, choose foods that are high in monounsaturated fats or polyunsaturated fats: olive oil, nuts, avocados, dark chocolate, fish, to name a few. These fats are helpful dietary fats and have been linked with the reduction of the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.



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