Change in GMO food labeling: Whole Foods Market leading the way

Produce at supermarket

A new standard has been set for food labeling. Whole Foods announced yesterday that they would require all food manufacturers selling goods in their U.S. and Canadian stores to clearly label those that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by 2018.

Genetically modified organisms are created through genetic engineering by manipulating and changing their DNA structure. Currently, US regulators do subject GMO foods to independent safety testing or require them to be labeled in products.

This comes at a time with public GMO awareness and concerns of the risks associated with eating GMO food on the rise. In a recent Huffington Post/YouGov poll, 82% of Americans think that these foods should be labeled.

The line in the sand has been drawn with Whole Foods taking the first stand to protect the consumer’s right to know what they are buying and consuming.

In the meantime, look for products that have been verified through the Non-GMO™ Project, a non-profit organization also leading efforts to provide sources of non-GMO products, educate the public, and offer verified non-GMO choices to consumers.